Whirlwind Digital provides

Custom Content & Digital Marketing Services

to Green-Conscious Businesses

that promote Community and/or Environmental growth.

In short, we believe in passion over profit.

Affordable Rates

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Likes & Followers Increased


about us

Whirlwind Digital Inc is a  Marketing Agency based out of Richmond, VA, and we are rapidly becoming an authority figure in the digital marketing industry.

We are proud to be an 100% American based company. 

We provide all around marketing and content creation services to companies that impact the environment positively. 

Our goal is to make you money. If you’re not making money using our services than you get your money back!     *90 day money back guarantee*

We help plant nurseries, non-profits, solar contractors, vegan businesses, and any business that creates a direct impact in their community or is working towards impacting environmental changes. 

To do that, we provide these services;

Custom Email Marketing Services 
Only 399/month up to 2,500 subscribers 

Custom Content Marketing Services 
  + Social Media Management
Only 599/month 

Custom Digital Marketing & Email Marketing Services
  + Social Media Management
Only 799/month 

Harness the power of Google Ads & Facebook Ads using our Digital Marketing Services, and understand the power of a follow up by creating a powerful Email Marketing Campaign. 


Our Mission

Is to provide quality E-mail & Digital marketing services at an affordable rate

for businesses that help the community or environment become stronger.
Custom Social Media Management

Custom Created Content 7 Days Per Week Facebook & Instagram

Custom Email Marketing

Increase company profit with our custom design email marketing campaigns designed to bring you ROI

Custom Content Creation

Keep your website fresh with a constantly updated blog that your readers will enjoy and search engines will find!

Custom Digital Marketing

Our Facebook Ads & Email Marketing Gameplans are designed to bring return of investment quickly.

Experience Growth

by focusing on what you are good at & let us take care of Facebook & Instagram for you

Increase Followers

become an authority figure in your industry by posting content constantly

Build Community

become more than just a business by building the community and speaking to the community

Build Trust

by providing quality content that keeps your market interested in what you have to say


Whirlwind Digital

is here to take your social media marketing to the next level

Super fast

Super fast reliable customer service with unlimited email and phone support


Optimized for mobile

Everything we do is designed with the mobile user in mind


Quality digital

Our 90 day money back guarantee provides the trust you need to use our service and at only $399/month, why wouldn’t you try our Email Marketing Service?



We have all the skills needed to increase your organic traffic going to your website which means more money in your pocket. 



Our Services:
Custom Email Marketing Campaign


Per Month

  • 1) Custom Created Email Marketing Plan
  • 2) Monthly E-mail Newsletter/Auto-Responder up to 2,500 Subscribers
  • 3) Sales Emails sent out to your Ideal Target Market 1x/Week
  • 4) Custom Website Opt-In Form
  • 5) Promotional E-mails sent during Holidays
Custom Content Marketing Campaign


Per Month

  • 1) Social Media Management (1 post per day on Facebook & Instagram)
  • 2) On-Going Website SEO Updates
  • 3) A Custom 2,000 Word Blog Post Created per/week
  • 4) Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
  • 5) Secret Link Building Program
Custom Digital Marketing Campaign


Per Month

  • 1) Social Media Management (1 post per day on Facebook & Instagram)
  • 2) Facebook Ads/Google Ads Creation & Re-targeting Campaign
  • 3) Custom E-mail Marketing Campaign Included (Save 399/month)
  • 4) No Limit on Ad Spend
  • 5) Weekly Marketing Reports Provided


Why Whirlwind Digital?

Social Media Management & Marketing Designed For You

Increasing your likes, shares, followers, and overall business growth can be stressful if you don’t have a gameplan.

Custom Created

Our content is uniquely created to reach your target market by encouraging engagement to filter your list.


Whirlwind Digital stands behind quality service over money. We choose to over deliver.  


You will receive weekly reports summarizing the results we have bought you.

Money Back

Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee takes out all the risk when using our services.

American Made

We are proud to be a 100% USA Company